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The Most Powerful Marketing Tool in The World of Nonprofits


What could a FREE $10,000 monthly marketing budget from Google Grants do for your Nonprofit?

Worried about expensive & difficult to use technology, lack of proper training, resources or developing the right marketing strategy?

This Introduction is the beginning of a 10 part course focusing on how Nonprofits of any size can grow online donations, increase volunteers, and bring massive awareness to social programs & services through Google Grants. 


Hey, James Reed here.

Just wanted to start by saying thank you for signing up for my free course:

I created this free course on Google Grants because I believe the biggest opportunity in the history of Nonprofits is upon us, and organizations need to know about it – more importantly they need to know how to capitalize off of it. This free 10 day course is your solution to that.

I believe you’re reading this post because you have a burning desire to contribute, make a difference, and create more social impact in our world.

You’re an Executive Director for a Nonprofit, a committed Board Member, or a donor committed to seeing your cause succeed.

Whoever you are, you see the world a little different than most and are in the trenches of your organization’s mission tackling one of our world’s most critical social issues.

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About one year ago I was part of a team that helped a Veteran-based Nonprofit located in San Diego scale their online donations from $17,000 to $96,000 in one year after launching Google Grants.

After experiencing such tremendous results,  I knew that I had to break out and help get the exact same strategies, systems and solutions into the hands of other Nonprofit decisions makers.

My goal is to use my 5+ years of experience helping you and your Nonprofits boost their missions through the power of digital marketing and effectively circumvent the common failures, wasted resources, and frustrations that keep Nonprofits from creating more social impact in their communities.

I’m glad you’re here and that you’ve made the decision to learn about Google Grants and how they can impact your Nonprofit. Here’s a quick peak at some of the upcoming parts in this free course:

  • What is Google Grants
  • How to get 5,000 or more new website visitors monthly without spending a single dollar
  • The little known secret for converting website visitors into future online donors, volunteers & supporters.
  • Nonprofit Avatars & improved decision making across your entire org
  • Website Checklist for Google Grants
  • The three most important things you need in your Google Grants journey
  • The 3 biggest mistakes Nonprofits make post launch & how to avoid them
  • How to choose the right digital toolbox without having to spend a ton of money
  • How to increase your monthly grant to $40,000 a month Google Grants Pro.
  • And much much more!

I’ll also share with you some of the free resources from my Mission Boost Academy program in the following modules. Most of the ideas in this mini series actually come out of that program.  I’ve jammed this free course full with one great idea after another.

Next Lesson (important!)

In the next lesson, I’m going to share something very powerful with you…

It’s a tool that will single-handedly set your Nonprofit & Google Grant campaigns up for success and help you reach more supporters (if that’s your goal).

– James Reed
CEO, Mission Boost
Creator of MissionBoostAcademy.Org

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(in the next lesson I’m going to show you how to apply for your $10K Monthly Google Grant in 15 minutes or less!…stay tuned)

Your Turn – Share Your Cause and Join the Conversation!

For  your homework, I need you to do only one thing…

In the comments below, please let me know:

What social issues does your Nonprofit focus on solving and how do you want Google Grants to help?….And what is your biggest insight from today’s lesson?

  • Are you excited to easily & quickly apply for Googles FREE $10,000 monthly grant?
  • Would you like to drive 5,000 + new website visitors to your site & begin building new relationships with supporters daily?
  • Do you want to grow online donations, recruit new volunteers & bring massive awareness to your Nonprofits core programs?

Share in the comments below (I read and respond to all of them).

Thanks for the work you do in making this world a better place and for wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. Here’s to your Missions success!

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