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YOUR Google Ad Grant!

Google Ad Grant Web Class!


Let’s Break it Down


To help you navigate the web classes, we’ve organized it in 5 easy stwps:

Section One: Discover Google Grants

Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours free access to $120,000 every single year to market and grows it’s mission for free with, so step one is all about discovering the power of Google Grants, how it works and if your nonprofit is eligible.

Section Two: Nonprofit Avatars

Success with your grant requires defining exactly what you want your entire organization to focus on. It means you will align your strategic goals with marketing plans so that the Google grant helps you grow the areas of your Non Profit that you want. You’ll discover how to make your own avatar ensuring future success with your grant. 

Section Three: Your Website & Google Grants

Your nonprofit’s website design is the face of your movement and most critical factor in achieving success with the Google grant. Your story will need a “marketing twist” added to it and will need to be shared with your growing community following proven strategies. Additionally you won’t want to make easy to avoid mistakes with your site and we’ll cover everything you need to know here.

Section Four & Five: Apply & Mission Boost Academy

Now you’ll learn how to easily and quickly apply for your $120,000 yearly grant, and you’ll learn about Google’s most powerful tools that we’re built to make things as easy as possible for your Nonprofit.  We’ll also go over what Mission Boost Academy is for Nonprofits and how the Academy can rapidly transform your nonprofits mission to new heights. 

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