Non-Profit Marketing Canvas & The Secret Master Plan

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” –  Laozi

When you first committed to your Nonprofit’s mission, what a decision that must have been! You decided right then and there that you were indeed going on quite the journey, and not an easy one at that. Not many people can commit to a lifestyle based on service to others and the truth that some of life’s greatest joys come often from living such a lifestyle.

The above quote, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” strikes me as quite profound.  I remember when I first committed to dedicating my life to serving nonprofits I told myself, “ If I am about to embark on a journey of 1000 miles (build a business focused on helping Nonprofits), I better know exactly where I’m going and create the best plan to get there, if I’m going to put out the required faith and effort necessary for success! ”.  I knew that my decision was unconventional but necessary, perhaps just like your decision to found or serve on the board or your non profit was.


 You Should Know…

If you’re an action taker and end up applying for and using the Google grant properly, I feel it necessary to disclose that you will be embarking on a journey in its own right.

Success with your grant requires defining exactly what you want your entire organization to focus on.  It means you will align your strategic goals with marketing plans so that the Google grant helps you grow the areas of your Non Profit that you want.  It also means that despite following the tips and strategies available to you in this book and the Mission Boost Blog, it will be a lot of learning from trial and error ahead.  If you can embrace these truths and push through to implementing the knowledge in this book, success and increased impact are in the future for your Non Profit.

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Your Master Plan – The Non-Profit Marketing Canvas

The Non-profit Marketing Canvas is a one page strategic plan that helps summarize your organization’s key activities.  The Non-Profit Marketing Canvas is an iteration of Business Model Canvas, which was first developed by Alex Osterwalder.  In my Mission Boost Academy program, all clients start their journey with the Non-Profit Marketing Canvas. It’s the foundation to building a successful road map.

In our contemporary times, it’s more important than ever to run profitable activities as a Nonprofit. It is from this perspective that we draw upon and model cutting edge  technology, frameworks and easy to use systems that are working best right now within the for-profit sectors. If our goal as a leader for our nonprofit organization is to run profitable activities, then what better way to do so then by modeling successes from those outside our Nonprofit industry?

Online revenue is booming across our planet, shouldn’t our Nonprofits recognize and take committed action towards these endless opportunities as well?

From the world’s leading companies such as Amazon to the hottest new startup coming out of silicon valley, for-profit businesses of all kinds use this exact tool. I’ve modified it to work best with Nonprofits.

Here’s what the canvas looks like:

non profit marketing canvas image

You can go here to learn how to fill it out and download your copy

I’ve pulled this resource and the free training videos right out of the Mission Boost Academy Program. Taking the time to fill out your Non-Profit Marketing Canvas will create an easy way to understand the aerial view of your entire Nonprofits strategic plan.  The result will be absolute clarity on your mission’s key objectives, and this clarity will help you create a marketing plan that produces desired outcomes.

Who The Master Plan Focuses On: Your Avatar

Undoubtedly your Nonprofit desires to create the largest amount of social impact and help as many individuals as possible.  I’ve found that when dreaming up the possibilities of how to impact as many people as possible, we tend to think and see images in large numbers.  In a marketing conversation it often sounds a lot like this.  “Our goal and target market is to reach as many 16-25 year old single moms who are dealing with social issue X,Y and Z and who live in Los Angeles California.”

Certainly, the fundamentals of demographics is important when it comes to strategy.  What’s most often lost when thinking in these terms however, is the fact we serve ONE individual at a time.  You don’t serve a target market, your Nonprofit serves each and every individual a single case at a time.  Why do I bring this up? If you keep this in mind when it comes to creating your marketing and messaging your content will sound personal and genuine.  As a result your audience will grow faster and your message will reach further.  In the ever noisy world of the crowded internet it is harder than ever before to capture and keep a person’s attention, this approach works best.

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Check out this page to learn what an Avatar is and how to quickly identify and make your own Avatar.

Combined with the benefits just mentioned, the most significant benefit from creating your Avatar will be the increased power in decision making across your entire organization.  The benefits extend beyond marketing, they extend to every strategic decision and here’s a great example.

After you complete your Avatars, you’ll see how decision making will be improved from the Director all the way down to your newest staff member.  Everyone will be aligned and efforts streamlined.