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What is Mission Boost Academy?


Mission Boost Academy is THE#1 Cutting Edge Community of Nonprofits in the World using Google Grants, where you’ll learn how to rapidly generate massive awareness to your cause, start & grow online donations, & increase volunteers for your mission.

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Let’s Break it Down


To help you navigate what happens when your Nonprofit joins MBA, we’ve organized it in 4 main sections:

Section One: Complete Google Grant Setup for LIFE

When We Asked Past Clients what the #1 most valuable thing in Mission Boost Academy is, their answer was “fast results, and being armed with a plan”.

Hands down the most overwhelming part in using Google Grants is the difficult Google Account Setup and monthly management of the marketing optimization.  Nonprofits can’t waste limited resources paying expensive marketing agencies or hiring a dedicated staff member to learn Google marketing.

Get your entire Google Grant account setup by our expert team to ensure your Nonprofit begins seeing immediate results in increased website traffic.

Best part of all, your account is set up properly for life! 


Section Two: Google Grant Kick Off Strategy Sessions 

After we get your nonprofit approved and ready to blast off with Google Grants, next we’ll hop on a series of LIVE coaching session and this is where you’ll discover and collaborate with me on a plan that’s built to succeed.

Whether you’re Nonprofit is new to online fundraising or you’ve been rocking with great results for a while, our Live training and strategy sessions have something for you:

  • How to monetize your Google Grant through strategic marketing, automated campaigns, relationship building and much more…
  • How to effectively set up automated email marketing for your Nonprofit & the Google Grant.
  • How to create a content strategy from scratch and use storytelling effectively with your Google Grant.

*Don’t forget these are recorded so you can always come back to them when needed.


Section Three: Monthly Google Account Updates & Reporting

Now that we’ve officially launched and your sites getting tons of new website traffic, what happens next is perhaps the biggest benefit to being in Mission Boost Academy.  Our experts will login to your Nonprofits Google account multiple times a month, review thousands of pieces of data and optimize the account ensuring both that your nonprofit doesn’t get disqualified from Google and that your spending as much of the $10,000 as possible.  Then we’ll touch base and share the big wins your getting every single month and so that you can begin to really see the results from your investment.



Section Four: FREE Landing Pages

One of the largest stumbling blocks for nonprofits succeeding with Google Grants is being able to quickly create professionally designed and worded landing pages.  Endless numbers of nonprofits miss out on getting the most amount of leads every day, and now you don’t have to worry about this when you become an Academy family member!

For a limited time, Mission Boost Academy is able to provide NEW academy members free landing page development.  We’ll match the pages to your nonprofits current website and brand and we’ll also make sure your email marketing is set up properly too.

Ready to join the Academy?

Our Guarantee


At Mission Boost Academy, we’re confident what we can do for you in the world of Google Grants & Nonprofit Marketing.

We guarantee that if you follow the Mission Boost Academy curriculum, complete your Nonprofit Marketing Canvas, and follow our Google Grant Launch Framework, you will generate YOUR 1st 50 Leads in 4 Months, or we’ll personally market your Nonprofit until you hit your 1st 100 Leads.

You literally can’t lose.

Note: we can offer this guarantee because most of our Nonprofits hit this within 120 Days. Your results may vary, but we’ll make sure you succeed as well.

Still Have Questions?


Every week we host a free, LIVE Web Training for Executive Directors & Board Members that’s all about how to Create ~ Grow ~ Monetize YOUR grant from Google.

Come join me live to learn how to get started with your Non Profits Google Grant today!

You can ask questions, connect with other Non Profit Leaders in the chat, and get a sneak peek of Mission Boost Academy!

Mission Boost Community is THE #1 community to Create, Grow and Monetize your Non Profits Google Marketing Grant.